Saturday, July 17, 2010

Temporary Pause

There will be a temporary pause in this story.

Will resume in August 2010.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bk 1: Ch 1: Pt 3

You feel indecisive on how to answer her. For some reason you feel tempted to reveal that you are a GSA and that there is a potential emergency outbreak. You pause for a moment, trying to figure out how to smoothly transition the conversation back to her. She looks at you with curiosity, one eyebrow partially raised.

“I didn't mean to intrude, nor to make you uncomfortable.” Lainy's expression is one of acute observation as she says this to you. Too late, you realize that she is more than what she has claimed, and she now knows that you have secrets.

Chiding yourself for this social slip, you realize you must be way more tired than you thought, to have your guard down so low. Easing back into your seat, you look out the train window into the passing forest, trying to collect your thoughts.

Collecting the contents of the package had been rough work. You still are shaken by the memories of climbing and crawling through the dank slimy caverns inside the mountains. The fungus grows only in humid darkness and since primates can not detect it's scent, a patch can be difficult to locate. Luckily for you, the rumor you picked up in the city of Torbansview proved fruitful.

BOOM! The other side of the train is rocked hard by something large. You jerk upright, clutch the package, and get your arms through it's straps. CRASH! A second object rams into the train, quickly followed by a third. You catch a glimpse out the window of fast moving things coming out of the forest and slamming into the train.

Do you...
1) Try to secure yourself into your seat, preparing for a crash.
2) Assist those around you into their seats.
3) Attempt to locate a train official, and see if you can help.
4) Run to the windows on the opposite side of the train to get a better look out.
5) Seek a way to jump off the train.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bk 1: Ch 1: Pt 2

The train continues its gentle course through the forest, but you decide sleeping is not an option, there is too much at stake. After taking a deep breath and stretching your back, you decide you're not quite up for the train's tavern, plus you can't remember where it is in relation to your seat. You lean across the aisle with a warm smile and catch a slight hint of a chemical scent emanating from the area that the woman is sitting in.

“Heading to town for the festival?” you inquire. She doesn't seem to hear you. You clear your throat and ask again. She jerks her head away from the window and turns beet red as she realizes that she had been caught lost in thought.

“Oh, hi... umm... yes. It will be my first time. I've secured some rare oils from Gerry's Landing and hoping the merchandise will move during the festival.” She waves her hand at the bags and cases piled on the seat around her. You compliment her on her trading skills, for working with the swamp town of Gerry's Landing is notoriously complex and challenging. It is the only town in the whole country that doesn't have a train line, nor even a road, that leads to it. The only route in and out is via boat and it has a rough reputation. It's isolation spurs constant rumor and the relationship between the town and the community of reptilian people that make the swamps home is understood only by those that live there.

“I'm Lainy, by the way. So what takes you to Glyndael? You don't seem to have nearly as much luggage as I do.” She extends her hand and chuckles lightly. You reach out and return the firm handshake.

Do you...
1) Tell a lie and explain to her that you are visiting the famous library in Glyndael
2) Hint at the truth by saying you are on official GSA (Guild Special Agent) business and can't discuss it
3) Attempt to side-step the question and turn the conversation back to her
4) Pretend to get suddenly distracted, and excuse yourself to the train's tavern

16 - total votes
4 - tell lie
5 - hint truth
5 - side-step

2 - excuse self

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bk 1: Ch 1: Pt 1

The train ride is relatively quiet. Sun pours in through the windows onto the package. The package is relatively small, but the mission is urgent. Reports of missing livestock and persons have been haunting the countryside, and hopefully this package will provide an answer to the troubles.

You smell a sweet summer breeze flowing past just as the train enters the forest. In a mere 6 hours, you will be at your destination and can relax after the rough week it has been. Ever since word came in that a new “outbreak” was so close to the capitol, all agents had been dispatched to collect the best counter-solutions and report to Glyndael.

The train gently sways with a rhythm that is almost too calming, and you feel your eyelids getting heavy. Across from you are a couple of people from the Barony of Trivance. Long hair is piled on the tops of their heads, pinned in place with clasps and gems, in the common style of their nation. Quietly, they converse about politics and music, and exude a sense of grace and intellect.

On your right, across the aisle, sits a woman lost in thought. She is staring out the window, watching the patterns of light and shadow play against the forest as the train glides onward. Her bags and cases take up the seats across from her, and you wonder if she is a small time merchant arriving early for the upcoming annual festival.

Do you...
1) Take a quick nap, after all you are really tired and the train seems peaceful enough.
2) Grab the package and head to the train's tavern for a quick snack and beverage to help wake you up.
3) Strike up a conversation with the woman across the aisle.

32 - total votes
3 - sleep
11 - get beverage
18 - start conversation